Nancy, our unsung hero!

August 29, 2011

At Irvine Orthodontics, there are a lot of unsung heroes – the folks who work behind the scenes every day to ensure you get a great smile.

Our office has chosen Nancy Casillas Ruiz, our office manager, as our “unsung hero.”

The testimonials from fellow staff are the following:

“She always has a calm and sensible attitude for any problem that may arise. She not only keeps our office running smoothly, whether it be financial, or helping in the clinic, but she keeps our patients happy with understanding and knowledge of their visits and accounts. Nancy always goes the distance with her attention t detail, kindness, time dedicated and overall award winning title as office manager.”

“She is very considerate.”

“She’s very organized and helps the office run smoothly. She’s very genuine and polite to patients.”

“Without saying – Nancy is Mrs. Patience! Calm and always under control.”

We also had 2 nominations (out of 7) for Kristine:

“Kristine is very organized and knows the flow of the clinic. She is very efficient and knows how to multitask well. She takes pride in her work and patient care is her priority! It shows as patients have requested to have her work on them exclusively. She is a great example and model to other assistants.”

“She is very good at taking in everything and keeping all of us on track.”

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