Orthodontics Pediatrics

Drs. Claro and Ghafouri have teamed together with a key goal of offering a comprehensive and prevention-focused approach to growth and development.  This includes specialized pediatric dentistry and advanced specialty orthodontic care for children and teens (and adult orthodontic care).  Dr. Claro is one of a limited number of dual specialists in both Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics and Dr. Ghafouri is a specialist in Orthodontics.  Every member of our professional clinical support staff is trained in both pediatric dentistry and orthodontics.  Our administrative staff is well versed in the differences between dental and orthodontic insurance as well.  Our integrated approach to your child’s care provides numerous benefits when compared to taking your child to a different office for orthodontic treatment or pediatric/general dentistry. 

  • Our Doctors regularly consult with each other about your child’s care with the goal of making treatment seamless and comprehensive. This is made possible by having our specialists working together as one practice.
  • Your child’s pediatric dental check-up visits are routinely scheduled together with his/her orthodontic visits to cut down on the total number of trips to the dentist.
  • Our  assistants are able to remove our orthodontists’ arch wires to do a more thorough dental cleaning at your child’s check-up appointments.
  • Drs. Claro and Ghafouri utilize adhesive agents that contain flouride when applying the braces to help prevent enamel decalcifications that can result from poor oral hygiene. Our clinical staff or Doctors apply Flouride Varnish at every cleaning to enhance the prevention of cavities and improve the health of your child’s enamel. 
  • Both Drs. Claro and Ghafouri are astute in detecting any dental problems, such as a cavity or a tooth requiring removal, or if your child needs any routine dental care such as sealants – any necessary treatment can be scheduled to coincide with your child’s orthodontic visits.
  • We have a dedicated digital imaging and fully integrated electronic records area in the office.  Once your child begins treatment with either Drs. Claro or Ghafouri, the before and after digital orthodontic records for his/her orthodontic records is credited back to your account (included in the orthodontic fee).
  • There is no separate charge for your child’s first set of retainers at the end of treatment. They are included in your orthodontic fee.
  • We can custom make an orthodontic mouthguard for your child to help prevent dental injuries during sports.