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A welcome Message from Dr. Tarek


dr. tarek abousheta

“We wait for your caravan every year, you know, it is the only dental care we get here. I feel so much younger, thanks to you, doctor,” was the gratitude that I received from the village woman as she hugged me .”

That first day, while volunteering for the Medical Therapeutic Caravan, changed me in so many ways and it gave me the opportunity to notice why I fell in love with dentistry so long ago: its art makes me curious, and I like to be able to build a rapport with patients and ease their worries. I thought of my patient as my canvas, and my tools as my brushes.

Dr. Tarek
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Dr. Sean is a South Korean native who has lived in Toronto, Northern California, Vancouver and Boston. Dr. Woo received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of British Columbia.

Our Technology


Kind, Gentle Dentistry – No Drills, No Needles, and it’s Pain-Free! Addresses gummy smiles, exposes unerupted teeth and other various minor procedures to ensure maximum comfort and best aesthetic results.

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i-CAT FLX Cone Beam 3D System allows us to treat our patients with the utmost accuracy by providing the fastest, most comfortable and precise imaging possible for orthodontic diagnosis.

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3D Printer

With our dedication to the best in technology, we are proud to offer every patient a 3D printed model of their final results at no extra cost.

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Featuring Smartwire technology – a computer-generated program that produces a precise, custom wire bent by robots to achieve the perfect smile and is truly an invisible solution!

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Intra Oral Scanner

One of our favorite features is the Digital Treatment Outcome Simulator which shows a before and after comparison of your smile. See your simulated outcome of how your smile will look once you’re finished with your orthodontic treatment!

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intra oral scanner in irvine

Self-Legating Brackets

We strategically place the brackets by looking at the smile arc of the teeth to follow the natural curvature of the lower lip. Our goal is to create the best appearance for the most beautiful, broad smile.

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self ligating brackets in irvine

Indirect Bonding With 3D Tech

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indirect bonding with 3d tech in irvine

Accelerated Treatment

We want to provide you with the opportunity for the most comfortable orthodontic experience. VPro5 is an innovative orthodontic device that uses high-frequency vibrations to complement your orthodontic treatment.

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accelerated treatment in irvine


i-CAT System provides flexibility to capture 3D views from single arch to full skull and Airway Analysis evaluates obstructive sleep apnea.

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airway analysis in irvine
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I’ve been with this establishment under the treatment of Dr. Abousheta. I recently finished my complex teeth straightening treatment and had to leave a review of the outstanding experience I’ve had. The doctor, staff, environment, all are fabulous. They are easy to work with for appointments and the end result speaks for itself. I came in with pretty crooked teeth and am walking out today with a happy smile that I can show off. The equipment they use if state of the art and the office is modern, I especially like the robot that comes to guide you to your seat! :-) All in all, great experience and I will highly recommend going here for all your orthodontic needs.
Zarul Shekhar
Zarul Shekhar


AND Children's Dentistry!

From the moment you contact our office, we want you to feel welcome and appreciated. Our team is friendly, fun and professional and we work hard to provide an exceptional experience on every visit. We want you to enjoy this exciting, life-changing process and hope that you will share and laugh with us throughout your treatment in our office.

Here at our local practice, our pediatric dentistry in Irvine considers every patient, both big and small, as an important part of our family. We believe that the more comfortable and calm patients feel, the better their treatment and the subsequent experience will be.

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Simple Transparent Pricing

Getting braces or Invisalign by an orthodontist in Irvine is more affordable than you think. We know that this is an
important investment for you and your family and we believe that cost should never be an obstacle.

  • Clear Aligners
    Starting From

    • All Inclusive Pricing:
    • X-rays and photos
    • Adjustments
    • Emergencies
    • Repairs
    • Retainers after treatment
  • $2000
  • Complimentary Introduction visits
    for children under 3

    • All Inclusive Pricing:
    • Meet the Doctor,
    • Tour the Office,
    • Sit in the Dental Chair,
    • Practice Exam,
    • Pick Out a Prize.
  • Free

Community fun!

Whether you’re an adult, teen or child, we offer a fun office environment for all ages. We are constantly giving back to our patients with contests, events and rewards. Our game room, free wi-fi and good taste in music will keep you well entertained at every visit.

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"Technology, Community, Education, Expertise, Fun Atmosphere!"

We offer special business hours, including some early mornings, evenings, Fridays, and Saturdays, so that your appointments don’t interfere with your busy schedule! We offer special business hours, including some early mornings, evenings, Fridays, and Saturdays, so that your appointments don’t interfere with your busy schedule!

We offer special business hours, including some early mornings, evenings, Fridays, and Saturdays, so that your appointments don’t interfere with your busy schedule!

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