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In Irvine and throughout Orange County, CA, we know the importance of having a great smile! At Irvine Orthodontics and Children’s Dentistry, we want to help you achieve the healthy, straight, confident smile that you’ve always wanted. Choosing to receive orthodontic treatment can change your life; are you ready to begin the journey?

We understand YOU AND YOUR NEEDS!

  • With years of experience and training, and backgrounds in growth and development, Drs. Tarek Abousheta, Wanda Claro and Bahar Ghafouri are able to treat patients of all ages with orthodontic care, and children and teens with the gentle dentistry they need.
  • Our doctors work to correct the structure of your mouth, ensuring a beautiful, healthy, aesthetic smile.
  • Choose from a variety of orthodontic treatments, including  two-phase growth and development treatment, Invisalign®sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment, as well as traditional silver, gold, ceramic, fixed, and removable braces and appliances.
  • We offer special business hours, including some early mornings, evenings, Fridays, and Saturdays, so that your appointments don’t interfere with your busy schedule!

Irvine Orthodontics and Children’s Dentistry serves the Irvine and surrounding Orange County communities with excellence in orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. Schedule an appointment for yourself or your child today!

Mission Statement

At Irvine Orthodontics our goal is to provide our patients with the most effective and efficient treatment using the latest scientific discoveries as well as exceptional service.