6 signs you need braces again

6 Signs You Need Braces Again

Getting braces is typically considered a milestone in a person’s life. Such treatment demands a time and financial commitment, but it significantly improves your oral health.

90% of the time, if not higher, this solution is extremely reliable for patients of all ages. However, things do happen. Our bodies are frequently changing which means that, in some cases, you may need to consider undergoing orthodontic treatment in Irvine again. Even though many people may not be thrilled about this, it can be very beneficial and save you from headaches and payments.

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Things to Keep an Eye Out For

Even though we’re often in tune with our bodies, sometimes, it can be hard to know when the time is right to seek out specialized dental care. To help you out with this, described below are 6 signs for you to look out for and, if you are experiencing any of them, be sure to contact your orthodontist.

  • New Gaps in Your Smile

Just because your treatment ends doesn’t mean that your teeth won’t move. Therefore, most patients are given a retainer to wear at night; this device is customized to fit over top of your new smile and keep your teeth in position. If you won’t wear your retainers regularly, this can lead to new and unwanted spaces forming between your teeth.

  • Crowding

Overcrowding is never ideal; your teeth can rub together and end up getting chipped and cracked. This problem also significantly impacts your bite pattern, which can cause pain and sensitivity when you eat your meals. Teeth that rub together also cause the enamel and structure of the tooth itself to be worn down, leaving your smile vulnerable to decay and further fragmentation.

  • Gum Disease

Though a lot of people may not realize it, receiving orthodontics in Irvine can be a good remedy if you’re suffering from periodontal (gum) disease. This notorious condition can result in loose teeth and your teeth can even fall out since your gums aren’t strong enough to keep them in their sockets. Braces will provide your teeth with the support they need to remain functional.

  • Jaw Pain

A significant indication that another round of orthodontic treatment may be necessary is jaw pain, particularly persistent jaw pain. In addition to straightening your teeth, orthodontics also deals with realigning patients’ jaws. After all, if your jawbone isn’t healthy, you’ll most likely experience a lot of problems since this is the foundation that your smile rests upon. Braces help climate TMJ pain.

  • Problems Chewing or Talking

Crooked teeth can negatively impact not just your ability to chew and properly digest your food, but your ability to talk clearly as well. However, such a symptom can be tricky to notice as lots of people can experience these things but neither condition is painful.

If you do experience a sensation, it will probably feel like your jaw is unnaturally stiff or sore and it will only get worse if you continue to move it around a lot.

  • You Find Yourself Hiding Your Smile

Have you been feeling more self-conscious than usual? Have you started to shy away from taking photos or looking in the mirror because you don’t like what you see? If this is the case, you might want to look into having braces again.

Nobody deserves to have to hide their smile; you deserve to laugh, talk, or eat freely without worrying about how you look. Talk to our orthodontist today to learn about how braces can help you.

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