achieve peace of mind by asking your orthodontist the right questions

Achieve Peace of Mind by Asking Your Orthodontist the Right Questions

Orthodontists learned one undeniable aspect during their years of practicing. Namely, that transparent and honest dialogue between patients and their doctors is the first step to achieving a successful outcome. The more straightforward the discussion as to what is about to happen and why it has to be done, the higher the chances of a favourable result.

Most patients visit an orthodontist with preconceived notions as to what they think will happen while visiting the practitioner. They are generally fearful of what may lie ahead. That is entirely understandable and only human. Each one of us fears the unknown.

Concerning orthodontic work, people should not be kept in the dark. You should feel free to ask an orthodontist near you questions that trouble your mind and get honest answers with as much clarity as possible.

Some common questions would be:

  • Will the procedure be hurtful?
  • How long would you have to keep your mouth open?

If the patient is a child, then the parent may ask questions like:

  • Does my child require braces?
  • How much will this cost me?
  • Can I pay it off?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get some insight into orthodontic care from a trusted source? You bet it would. Getting proper orthodontic treatment from an orthodontist in Irvine will change your life. Many patients will rise out of their chairs with a beautiful new smile and newfound self-confidence.

Besides the aesthetic benefits of orthodontic treatment, there are numerous health benefits most people are not aware of. We are talking about one’s jaw, teeth, and mouth that often contribute to everyday issues such as gum disease and cavities. Then, you will come across severe problems like strokes in adults, heart attacks, bedwetting, and ADHD.

The truth is that opting for orthodontic treatment is a considerable investment. Therefore, you have to be on guard not to waste your money. The orthodontist will present you with various options. The idea behind all of this is to inform the consumer to discern quality information and compare it against the disinformation out there.

One of the main questions on top of a person’s mind is how do you know whether or not the orthodontist you consider working with is a good one?

The orthodontics clinic might be a well-respected community member and has years of training and experience. Or, it may be an ordinary dentist who returned from a weekend course on the subject.

Are All Orthodontic Treatments the Same?

Let us look at a personal example to illustrate the point we are trying to make. One fine day, a bright young lady who sported noticeably crooked front teeth paid a visit to her local dentist. She had a great future ahead as she was about to get married and wanted to look her best in the wedding photos. She saved up for some time and wanted a straight set of teeth.

Years earlier, she told the dentist about her wishes, and he reassured her it could all be done under one roof. He promised that he would improve her smile by using aligners for a few months.

No doubt, she was relieved and ecstatic and happily agreed to start the treatment. There was no need to go to another dental office and deal with someone she didn’t know. Moving forward a few years later and countless trays and impressions, her teeth were no different from the day she started her treatment.

When she finally met the right person, an orthodontist at Irvine Orthodontics, who delved into her history a bit, they discovered that the dentist made use of an inferior aligner system.

Another thing is that an orthodontist would not even attempt to correct a crooked teeth problem with aligners. Luckily, the orthodontist made use of accelerated orthodontic treatment and was able to get her front teeth aligned perfectly, just in time for her wedding photos.