tips to make teeth brushing fun 

Tips to Make Teeth Brushing Fun 

Sometimes, being dutiful and maintaining habits that have become a part of our daily routine can be boring, especially if we do it for so long. Waking up early, exercising, driving to work, and brushing our teeth are just a few examples. But all these things are important for our day to move forward as well as ensuring that the health of our bodies and minds are preserved.

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Tips to Make Teeth Brushing Fun

Periodically visiting a children’s dentist near you and brushing your teeth may not sound like a whole lot of fun, certainly not when you’re a kid; kids would much rather run around outside or play games with their friends. That said, there are certainly ways that you as a parent can make teeth brushing fun.

To help you, here’s a list of strategies that you can explore:

  • Research fun dental health resources.

As your Irvine pediatric dentist will tell you, part of taking care of your oral health is understanding why it’s important and the right way to do so. Educating your kids will help them feel empowered and lead to the establishment of good habits.

When you see a children’s dentist in Irvine near you for a cleaning and checkup, they’ll be able to reinforce the knowledge that you provide your child. Not to mention, there are these wonderful tools called books and the internet! Go and explore all that’s out there!

  • Make brushing a family affair.

Simply put, set a good example for your kids! Your actions speak louder than words; so, when they see you making a conscious effort to brush and floss every day, they’ll want to do the same. Doing so is especially important before bedtime so that bacteria from the day doesn’t sit on your teeth and gums overnight and contribute to decay.

After all, everything is more fun when you do it together!

  • Create a contest.

On average, you should brush your teeth for two minutes. What better way to encourage teeth brushing than to make it a game? Kids love games and even more importantly, they love beating their parents!

Buy your child a special toothbrush.

Toys can be a wonderful motivator; you can get toothbrushes with all sorts of cool designs, even ones that play music!

  • Reward tooth brushing.

More specifically, reward your kids when they consistently brush their teeth. Begin with smaller rewards like stickers. Be sure to only reward them when they brush at least twice a day, however. Once they’ve succeeded with this, you can move up to bigger rewards.

  • Treat going to the dentist as a special occasion.

Visiting an Irvine children’s dentist doesn’t have to be a scary experience! Treating the dentist as a positive thing can go a long way to make your child feel at ease and be excited about brushing and flossing. Not to mention that a lot of pediatric dental clinics are brightly decorated and filled with toys and books.

  • Summon the Tooth Fairy.

Did you know that the tooth fairy pays more money for teeth that are kept in good condition? Be sure to let your child know about this; they will definitely put in the work to earn an extra dollar or two!

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