options for orthodontics treatment

What are the Options for Orthodontics Treatment?

The first image that most likely comes to mind when you consider orthodontic treatment near you is braces. 

From structural dental issues to cosmetic ones, braces do work extremely when it comes to addressing a wide range of issues. However, it is not the only avenue of treatment that dental clinics offer. Additionally, orthodontics in Irvine doesn’t just address smile-related problems. In reality, a variety of orthodontic techniques and tools can be used to treat a number of other health conditions.

Let’s examine some of the various treatment choices provided by orthodontic specialists. They all provide many benefits to patients, some of which may or may not apply to your specific situation.

Fixed Appliances

Braces are the most popular and widely used dental procedure. However, braces themselves are classified as fixed appliances, a more broad group of orthodontic appliances. They are usually the most widely used types of orthodontic appliances, and the majority of fixed appliances are in fact braces. 

They usually function with the intention of straightening the teeth or the jaw, but whether they are traditional metal braces is another matter entirely. Ceramic braces are another option, which are tooth-colored and a little less noticeable. They can also be created in lingual forms, which means they will rest behind the teeth and won’t be as obvious as the more conventional types of braces.

Removable Appliances

Most of the time, this kind of treatment functions like braces. However, they provide an option for those who prefer to keep their braces off of their teeth and maintain their aesthetics. These are designed to be practical and are frequently more discreet than fixed appliances. Consider clear braces like Invisalign aligners, which are frequently removed when the wearer is eating or needs to clean them.

Orthodontic Mini-Screws

Although the fixed or movable orthodontic appliances used in this therapy are less well-known, they can be extremely beneficial. Temporary anchoring devices, or TADs, are a term that recently became part of dentistry. Usually, the alveolar or extra-alveolar bones are where these anchors are inserted. They act as anchors for orthodontic treatment, and once they are no longer required, they are usually taken out. 

Because there is no long-term commitment involved despite the use of screws, this form of treatment is unusual in this context. These are basically employed to move the teeth in the desired direction, and in some circumstances, they might even be more efficient than conventional braces or other similar devices.

Orthognathic Treatment

Technically, this treatment involves a surgical process. Not every situation calls for this specific kind of orthodontic care. Usually, this procedure is thought to reposition either the top jaw, lower jaw, or occasionally both jaws. In these situations, there is a significant jaw misalignment, and the surgery aims to realign and fix it. It is typically quite effective and used in combination with less invasive orthodontic treatments.


Because it doesn’t move your teeth like other orthodontic procedures, this type of treatment isn’t really a dental appliance. To prevent tooth movement after orthodontic treatment is removed, they are usually placed. 

Advantages of Orthodontics Treatments

The advantages of orthodontic treatment in Irvine extend beyond exclusively obtaining a radiant smile.  Overall wellness is also improved by orthodontic braces. 

Benefits of this dental procedure include:

  • Alignment of jaws
  • Improved oral health 
  • Protects your teeth 
  • Enhances facial aesthetics
  • Boost your self-confidence 

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