what is baby bottle tooth decay & how do you prevent it

What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay & How Do You Prevent It?

It’s never a good thing when decay builds up on our adult teeth; the same applies to baby teeth. It’s important that your baby teeth remain in good condition; decay, cavities, and premature tooth loss can all impact how your permanent teeth erupt and how strong they are. Not to mention that such issues can cause pain and problems eating.

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Tooth Decay in Babies

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: tooth decay is the most common infectious disease in childhood. When spoken of within the contact of pediatric dentistry, it is sometimes referred to as baby bottle decay too.

How does this happen? The same way that it happens in the mouth of an adult: due to a buildup of plaque and poor brushing habits. Saliva can transfer bacteria to your baby as well and a common example of this is sharing spoons or cups.

When sugars, both natural or artificial are left on the surface of our teeth, it eventually turns into an acid, which eats away at your teeth and gum tissues. This is what causes cavities to form. Giving your child a bottle of milk, a cup of juice or a can of soda before bed means that the sugars in these liquids can sit on their teeth – this is one reason why brushing before bed is vital. It’s better to give these drinks to your kiddos during the day.

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Ways to Prevent Tooth Decay in Babies

Some great methods that help prevent baby bottle tooth decay are:

  1. Prioritize your own oral health, especially if you’re pregnant! After all, the health of the mother directly impacts the baby.
  2. When your baby is first born up until they’re 12 months, regularly wipe their gums. When they’re between 12 and 36 months, brush their teeth two times a day.
  3. No bottles before bed.
  4. Drink water with fluoride.
  5. Reduce the number of sugary foods your child eats.
  6. Book their first dental checkup with an Irvine dental office.

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